Sales Ops

Precision Ops

In the right hand column, you will see a call-out section named Categories.   Selecting “Sales Ops” from the drop down menu box will allow you to sort blog posts by this individual category.   The idea behind this is to give the reader a quick method to sort though articles that carry a similar topical vein.


Articles on “Sales Ops” will center around the basis for running an effective overall sales operation.  Example topics might include sales compensation planning, incentives, setting proper key performance indicators, correctly analyzing performance trends (i.e. sales six sigma), sales training integration, territory planning etc.

While the activity of the sales group is the “special ops response” for a company’s ability to grow and make money, sales operations is the actual command center itself, that provides the critical make-up to help the sales ops team stay prepared, adaptable, motivated, focused and informed.  In short, sales operations gives a sales team the tools and resources they need to move crisply on a moment’s notice.




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