In the right hand column, you will see a call-out section named Categories.   Selecting “People” from the drop down menu box will allow you to sort blog posts by this individual category.   The idea behind this is to give the reader a quick method to sort though articles that carry a similar topical vein.


Articles on “People Leadership” are designed to spur thinking around effective hiring practices, coaching and development topics, performance management and day to day management application, with regard to cultivating a happy, motivated and productive sales team.

It is through “people” that results for the company are realized. And it is through “people” that effective processes and dynamic operations are actualized.  Caring for the welfare and success of the people who make good things happen, while keeping a proactive eye out for hiring top talent, should be the primary concern of any sales-focused organization.

Many companies say they do this.   My experience is that they can do much more.




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