In the right hand column, you will see a call-out section named Categories.   Selecting “Negotiation” from the drop down menu box will allow you to sort blog posts by this individual category.   The idea behind this is to give the reader a quick method to sort though articles that carry a similar topical vein.


In this section, I will apply some of my Harvard University negotiation training to the larger concern of  “Negotiation Issues”.   Negotiation is a vastly underutilized skill in business. People erroneously attribute “skill” to this discipline without defined criteria of what the makeup of an actual effective negotiation should be.   As a result, months of hard work and costless thousands of dollars of revenue can be wiped out with one simple negotiation mistake.  Workplace disagreements between staff and or management lead to inactivity to execute strategic plans in a timely and effective manner.  Hidden costs soar.

The application of basic negotiation principles can result in significant cost savings, greatly increased revenue and/or GP and make the implementation of multi-departmental initiatives go infinitely more smoothly.    Topics of this nature will be noted here.




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